On August 17, 1955 under the leadership of Rev. Elijah Sercye along with 18 members, the #2 New Mt. Sinai Missionary Baptist Church was organized.  Ministers that participated in the organization were:  Rev. J. V. Richardson, Rev. R. H. Jones, Rev. T. R. Hendon, Rev. G. Whitfield, Rev. F. S. Satisfield, Rev. J. Q. Harris, and Rev. Elijah Sercye was elected Pastor.

God allowed #2 New Mt. Sinai M. B. Church to begin their mountain experience at 3642 West Roosevelt Road, Chicago, Illinois.   #2 New Mt. Sinai remained faithful to the Lord’s mandate and God blessed us.  On Sunday, January 26, 1969, God blessed us to a place where he would shine in the lives of many more people.  God led us to march into our new church home at this present location: 310 North Laramie Avenue, Chicago, Illinois  60644.

We thank the Lord for He is good.  He has blessed us so much and in so many ways.  In the month of November, 1973, the Lord blessed us to pay off our mortgage and the 27th day of January, 1974, at 3:30 p.m. was set aside for mortgage burning and rededication service.  Thereafter, the 4thSunday in January would be known as Jubilee Day.

Under Pastor Elijah Sercye’s leadership, #2 New Mt. Sinai grew spiritually, numerically, and financially. Rev. Elijah Sercye served faithfully until his death on November 28, 1983.        
On December 18, 1983 the pastoral call was extended to Rev. Willie L. Sercye.  Under Pastor Willie Sercye, #2 New Mt. Sinai continued to grow in all ways.  Rev. Willie Sercye labored faithfully until his death on May, 4, 1988.         

On August 31, 1988, the #2 New Mt. Sinai Church Family extended the pastoral call to Rev. David Spencer, Sr. Pastor Spencer accepted the call and served faithfully preaching, teaching, and leading as the Lord guided him until his resignation in January, 1998.     

On March 4, 2000, the #2 New Mt. Sinai M. B. Church Family “by the Grace of God”, elected Rev. Woodard Williams to serve as Pastor. 

 The #2 New Mt. Sinai Church Family has been tremendously blessed of the Lord during these 56 years of service.  We have maintained a tradition of Christian fellowship, supported by prayer and biblical preaching and teaching.  We are anchored by a tried and true faith in our Lord Jesus Christ.           

#2 New Mt. Sinai M. B. Church celebrates over 60 years of preparing people for the coming Kingdom of God.  By the grace of God we continue to develop and enhance the ministries that God has blessed us with.  We trust God will not only keep us, but he will also use us in doing his will.

#2 New Mt Sinai MB Church

310 N. Laramie Chicago, IL 60644